Why Badass Leader Chooses Not to Play It Safe – Inspiration from Seth Godin

I️ love this interview with Seth Godin – His 3 minutes has the potential to expand your possibilities:) #StopTakeaLookAndListen #SafeisRisky
At Badass Leader, we chose NOT to play it safe and even went against the naysayers who said we should call ourselves “Extraordinary Leadership” or “Great Leaders”. That felt too safe, not like us and quite frankly uninspiring and blah for the audiences we were passionate about serving. We are not a brand who is trying to be something for everyone and are actually quite proud of our distinct differences. #BrandBOLD #BlueC
We are THRILLED to be able to share the news that carving our own unconventional path is working!!! #YippieKiYay! Our audiences are finding us and we are having a blast delivering Badass Leader back-to-back keynotes and bootcamps – 5 states in the past 12 days!!! We are so thankful we chose to follow the beat of our own drum and passionately encourage you to make your own music. #AttitudeofGratitude #UnconventionalityRocks #LittleDrummerGirl
Is there a comfort zone you should consider expanding? #SafeisRisky #SethGodin
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