Go For Launch with Brandon Uttley

Go For Launch with Brandon Uttley

Powersports Leaders, are you upfront with your people? Are you communicating expectations and asking how you can better support them? Are you evolving in the ways you should?

Badass Leadership is all about having the always necessary and sometimes tough conversations. Inviting feedback, digging into our own development needs and the needs of our people. We’re all in this boat together, am I right? #ExpandingOurTribe I really believe that it starts with us as Leaders. “It’s not about weakness, it’s about strength.”

My conversation this week was with the awesome Brandon Uttley, who in true Badass fashion shared his own stories about working for a BAD boss. Check it out: https://www.goforlaunch.io/becoming-a-badass-leader/

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Becoming a Badass Leader on Go For Launch