Readily Random Podcast with Larry Roberts

Readily Random Podcast with Larry Roberts

“My belief is we need to change the metric. For me, it was prioritizing people over performance.”

In this conversation with the amazing Larry of Readily Random with Larry Roberts, we talk about the results you’ll get depending on what type of leadership you buy into.

For me, I was very top-down, an autocratic leader and one who didn’t play well with others. #BadBoss #GuiltyAsCharged

If you want robots on your teams, that’s what you’re gonna get, but they aren’t gonna play as though their name is on the sign out front. You won’t get to tap into their intellectual capacity and you won’t get to see and experience their development. Which will impact engagement in a huge way. If you’re a leader, you’ve got to become an epic coach. It’s what leadership is! And it’s the best way to get that incredible team engagement you’re looking for. #Here4U #LeadershipToolboxes

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