Badass Leader Platinum 12 Program

Badass Leader Platinum 12 Program

“Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get hitched; not really, but kinda like in a horse-cart way.”
12 Lessons/12 Days/12 Months
Served-up as follows: 3 Lessons over 3 days per quarter

Quarter One: BAM!

Day ONE - Lesson 1: Don’t be an Ass!
The focus of this Leadership Lesson is around the impact a leader has on individuals, teams, organizational health and performance. Sometimes throughout our leadership ride/journey we struggle with the demands of goals, deadlines, performance expectations; customer service complaints, as well as interpersonal and team conflict. This can at times, not bring out the best in us as leaders.

Day TWO - Lesson 2: Stop. Drop. Take a Selfie!
This Leadership Lesson is focused on understanding the impact self-awareness has on our ability to be successful leading and developing teams. How can we expect our teams to follow us, want to win for us or even play on our teams, if we don’t even understand ourselves as leaders?

Day THREE - Lesson 3: Let’s talk about Trust, Baby!
This Leadership Lesson is about the impact trust has on people and performance and why trusting your leader matters. It also focuses on what happens when we erode trust. Bottom line, no trust, no Badass Team.

Quarter two: Like Hocus-Pocus!

Day ONE - Lesson 4: Put your People 1st!
The focus of this Leadership Lesson is around creating people priorities. Often times as leaders, it is easier for us to focus on the results versus on the people who create them.

Day TWO - Lesson 5: Be an Epic Coach!
This Leadership Lesson is focused on creating an accelerator to outcomes by becoming epic coaches for our people and what’s in it for us when we do?

Day THREE - Lesson 6: Build a Badass Team!
This Leadership Lesson is about identifying talent, hiring, on-boarding, off-boarding, developing team players and maximizing team performance.

Quarter three: BOOM-BOOM!

Day ONE - Lesson 7: Create the Struggle!
This Leadership Lesson is concentrated on When, How and Why creating the struggle can be like #RocketFuel to engagement, development and outcomes. It also focuses on when and how it can backfire on you, if you’re not careful!

Day TWO - Lesson 8: Suck it up Buttercup!
This Leadership Lesson is regarding the importance of knowing how to #EmbracetheStruggle. The suck will eventually happen, how you navigate through it is #MissionCritical.

Day THREE - Lesson 9: Don’t be a Kiss Ass!
This Leadership Lesson is about saving you money on #LipBalm. Why kissing ass is a slippery slope and how to avoid being a kiss ass and what to do instead.


Day ONE - Lesson 10: Be a Groupie!
This Leadership Lesson is about how you show-up for your team and organization. It invites leaders to explore the benefits of creating a groupie culture and the impact it has on organizational health and performance.

Day TWO - Lesson 11: Expand your Tribe!
This Leadership Lesson is about the impact tribal expansion has on you, your team, customers and organizational health and performance.

Day THREE - Lesson 12: Love Somebody like U!
This Leadership Lesson is all about Y-O-U. Accelerating life success!

But wait there’s more!

Badass Leader Coaching is included - #platinumstyle

Yes, it really is all about Y-O-U! Get your coaching sugar-free; we are Musketeers for you, we’ve got your back! Work one-on-one with a Badass Leader Coach focused on your needs to put your people-pedal to the metal. – Wanna learn more, shoot us and email or give us a ring-ring. We look forward to kicking butt with and for you!

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