Lesson #4: Put Your People 1st!

Put Your People 1st!

This is the 2nd most important Selfie you’ll ever take!
Yep, like a group photo only way BETTER!

So, what’s in it for you, should you decide to invest in understanding your Tribe? Well, how can you bring out the best in your people, if you don’t fully understand them? That’s what Badass Leaders do. Understand themselves, then understand their people. There are MASSIVE benefits you can enjoy from really knowing your Badass Team. It’s really hard to motivate and lead people you don’t understand. This investment is the same for them as it is for you. Like a nice lunch but with lots more impact! It gives you more opportunities to elevate your team’s game. Leaders who are successful at building Badass Teams have more time to focus on less urgent more important things. Like working on your dance moves. #ShakeShakeShake

How this Tool can Help:

The key is in understanding your Tribe’s Selfies. They take an assessment to learn about how they communicate.  This is work they do on themselves.  It will also teach you how to understand them and how they can understand you and one another.  Still with me?  They will also have access to that really cool website follow-up tool where they can take a deeper dive under the hood to learn more about themselves and their shipmates.  No second jobs required here either. Not expensive. The return on investment is where the outboard motor really soars!  The assessment is also easy to understand and to execute.  Remember, not bang-bang type of execute, more like Shazam times 10!  We’re here for ya, if you want us to walk through it with you. Give us a RING RING. #SameSame #Multiplier #Shazam #ShareSelfies

The phone’s not going to dial itself.

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