Lesson #2: Stop. Drop. Take a Selfie!

Stop. Drop. Take a Selfie!

This is the most important Selfie you’ll ever take!

So, what’s in it for you, should you decide to invest in understanding your Selfie? Well, how can you bring out the best in others, if you don’t fully understand your mirror first? It begins and ends with you. There are massive benefits you can enjoy from really knowing and managing your Selfie and developing your Badass Leader skills. For one, it gives you more opportunities to elevate your game. Let’s face it, leaders who are successful at building winning teams have an abundance of potential for growth and advancement.

How this Tool can Help:

The key is in understanding yourselfie, this tool is different than the 360. How so, you ask? You take an assessment to learn about how you communicate.  This is work you do on yourself.  It will also teach you how to understand others and has a really cool website follow-up tool where you can take a deeper dive under the hood to learn more.  This tool is gonna set you back the equivalent of a really nice lunch.  No second job required. Not expensive. The return on investment is where the rubber meets the road. Like leadership fuel additive. Priceless.  If you can’t understand yourself, how can you improve?  It is easy to understand and execute.  Not bang-bang type of execute, more like Shazam!  We’re here for ya if you want us to walk through it with you. Give us a RING RING.


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