Lesson #1: Don’t be an Ass!

Avoid the Bullride!

To put it politely, I was an ass. To make things worse, I was oblivious to that fact. I’m sure the same is true for many leaders. My wakeup call, fortunately for me, happened when I was a very young, up-and-coming leader – manager really. I didn’t have any leadership competency to speak of at that point my career. I refer to this experience in my life as my bull ride. It occurred in the early 1990s when I was an unapologetic, self-important 26-year old …Yep, my mirror. Not proud.

How this Tool can Help:

Look, conflict is inevitable. The key is in understanding yourself, and more importantly how to engage in conflict productively – in a way that moves people, engagement, and performance forward versus off of your team.  This would have saved me a ton of collateral damage and turnover.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes conflict can be a little hard to choke down – like a bad tequila.  It does require a level of badass to discover opportunities for yourself.  The tool you will be introduced to will help you curb the unbecoming behaviors that erode trust and have you show up as an ass versus a leader.  So, Cowboy or Cowgirl up and invest in yourself.  It’s very powerful and cost about as much as a decent bottle of tequila. It won’t break the bank, but it can help prevent you from breaking up your team.

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