Lesson #9: Don’t Be a Kiss Ass!

Don't Be a Kiss Ass!

#NoLipglossRequired #SugarFree
Say it isn't so, you're not fostering a lip balm culture are you? Good. Well in case you have a friend who might be, I️ know, it's not you - you can share this important warning. Simply put. Lip balm equals lose-lose. There, I️ said it.

So now what?

Don't Be a Kiss Ass!

How this Tool can Help:

We’ve got a couple of amazing tools up our sleeve for this one.  The first tool I️ will send you over to check out is going to provide you with some mad skills for communicating up the ladder. It also works like a charm with your own crew of direct reports – especially when those crucial conversations need to happen.  It will equip you with the confidence and strategies you need to avoid lip balm tendencies.  Have no fear, this doesn’t hurt you or them and most likely will end up propelling your career growth as a bonus.  Communication is KING and knowing how to communicate effectively is the Bomb-Diggity for respectful career growth and sugar-free productive organizations. #KissingBoothClosed #SelfRespectRocks

Give us a RING-RING and we’ll walk you thru the other cool tools to keep you well-respected and leveraging the right kind of influence.


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