Lesson #7: Create the Struggle!

Create the Struggle!

The biggest mistakes managers make, (notice I said managers, not leaders) is when they don’t invest in the development of their people. How can you expect your teams to invest in your business or desired results if you’re not showing them that they are worthy of your investment in them? Keep in mind, #SurveySays – “Gallup research indicates that changes in employee engagement are best attributed to changes in how organizations develop employees.” If you want to maximize your return on your people - click on that fancy RED button below and check out the Badass Leader Academy by SUBSCRIPTION and unlock access to over 475 lessons and maximize team engagement as a bonus! #NoInvestmentNoROI #PeopleScience #Invest4PeopleSuccess #NoSideHustleRequired #LessThanOneDollaraDay
Create the Struggle

How this Tool can Help:

This is people-development on autopilot!  Open 24/7 like 711.  Self-service required. Cool learner dashboard included to track course progress, earn badges and certificates along the way.  These are professionally curated interactive video courses with built in quizzes and interactivity.  Your team will enjoy the mental stretch, and the best part is, these are not boring snoring courses.  If you are interested in behind-the-scenes peekaboo – give us a ring and we will introduce you to the magic behind the curtain.  We have lots of options available for customization and tracking too, too much to brag about on here – so give us a jingle. In the meantime, #BeLikeColumbo and investigate the Class Categories.  Then, give us a RING-RING and we’ll walk you thru the options.  #BeLikeGumbyStretchem #BadassLeaderAcademyRocks

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