Lesson #10: Be a Groupie!

Be a Groupie!

#EmotionalCurrency #Cha-Ching
Wear the t-shirt and get them one too!

The reality is a sincere thank you goes a long way or coffee card can do the trick too!

Bottom-line CELEBRATE your peeps!

#UGottheMovesLikeJagger #LoveEmUp

Be a Groupie!

How this Tool can Help:

Now, I realize you are probably chomping at the bit to get the answer to this next burning question:

What can Badass Leader Swag do for you or for your team?

Thank you for asking – you mean besides the obvious and instantaneous enhancements to your wardrobe and accelerated coolness factor?  It makes our hearts sing when others wear it too! #ExpandingOurTribe #Represent #GetSwaggy

What we stated above is true while at the same time we are absolutely guilty as charged for doing some #Shameless self-promoting for our Badass Leader swag!  Yep, we are self-proclaimed Groupies for our Badass Leader brand and get stoked when others are too!

#BeAGroupie4YourPeoplePeriod #JointheBadassLeaderMovement

Can I️ have your autograph?

#CallMe #GroupieLove

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