A Kickass Life & Badass Leadership: Chris Rausch of Raw & UNscripted hosts Badass Leader

#ExpandingtheTribe with Christopher Rausch of Raw & UNscripted. What an epic convo with another corporate escapee & fiery #BadassLeader enthusiast!

Chris is a #Kickass host and passionate about leadership, as am I. We talked all things leadership, mindset, and relationships in a very raw and unscripted way for sure! I also shared some strategies for creating and leading passionate and committed teams in this new normal and into the future.

What is tippy-toe culture? What is artificial harmony? How do we create a NOT-one-size-fits-all organization where everyone can feel they fit in and that’s wholly supportive?

Check out the interview & Chris’s show on Tuesdays @ 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

www.ChristopherRausch.com www.Youtube.com/TheChristopherRausch

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