How Leadership Differs From Management

How Leadership Differs From Management

While it may seem as though the abrupt shifts in work models and the Great Resignation have stagnated engagement, the opposite is true according to recent data from Gallup. After dropping in 2020 during the pandemic, employee engagement is on the rise again, reaching a record-high 23% as shown in Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report. This means more folks found their work meaningful and felt connected to their teams and managers. This high engagement is great news for global productivity. The boost in engagement could perhaps be tied to more workers leaving jobs that weren’t meaningful or supportive for them.

Regardless of the reason, leadership remains a critical component to employee engagement and long-term success. And the results of good leadership are profound – according to the Gallup, 70% of the variance in team engagement can be tied to the quality of the manager. In other words, engagement is a management issue.

Top management buy-in is crucial when it comes to a successful management system and happy employees. Management should always be adding value and contributing to a cohesive culture, in short, leading (or being epic coaches as I like to say). This is the key difference between leading and simply managing people. Leaders help organizations and people affirm their purpose. Leaders don’t show up as asses or create roadblocks. Leaders lead with vulnerability and build trust.

Developing a set of leadership skills as a manager can equip you to achieve long-term success in leadership and mentorship roles. For new or budding leaders, as you progress in your job, you must always be developing your leadership skills – because leadership is a way of being, not a title or pitstop. It’s a long game. Even I, as I train leaders, am always evolving as one.

So, are you a manager, or a leader? If you’re unsure, that’s okay. It starts with a selfie assessment, which we can help with.

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