How are you taking care of Lesson 12?

How are you taking care of Lesson 12?
I have been thinking a lot about (and working on) #Lesson12 – Love Somebody Like U!
This lesson may seem like a no-brainer. In order to take care of one another and our teams, we need to take care of ourselves! #TakingCareofOurselvesAndOneAnother
But admittedly, I struggle with this lesson. I’m the type of person who is pedal-to-the-medal almost all the time. It’s difficult for me to slow down and take time for myself, and I’m sure many of you are the same. Especially those of us #DiSC D styles and go-getters, we are the ones who need this lesson the most. This is mission-critical to maximizing every possible objective.
So why is it Lesson 12 and not Lesson 1? Because the leadership lessons are autobiographical and based on my own leadership journey. And so I’m always trying to do better at prioritizing this last (but not least) lesson. Since mid 2022 my in-town therapy has been to hit Orangetheory three times a week. When I️ first started my 4am wake up routine, I’m not gonna lie, it was torturous – but I️ actually look forward to it now!
Eating healthier, drinking lots of H20, good sleep, rigorous exercise, dirt bike riding and plenty of play are ways I️ am battling some not so fabulous genetics I inherited and taking care of myself so I can show up as an even better wife, mom, leader, and contributor to my community.
What’s your Lesson 12 routine?
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