Get the Newly Released Badass Leader 2nd Edition

Get the Newly Released Badass Leader 2nd Edition

After publishing the first edition of the Badass Leader book – just in time for a global pandemic! – I found myself going through 2020 thinking, I wish I had included this or that in the book for readers. To say that 2020 was a challenge would be a massive understatement, but working from home afforded me just the opportunity to start a second edition. Many of the ideas and requests for this new edition came from you, as readers, followers, and podcast listeners. So thank you!

The Second Edition of From Bad to Badass Leader is still an autobiography of 12 leadership lessons, learned by yours truly. An unconventional, no-nonsense approach to leadership. But what’s especially exciting about this latest edition is the bonus content, where we dive into crisis leadership, post-Covid reflection, and stories from a certain special executive I had the pleasure to work with.

When it comes to leadership development we know that #OneSizeDoesNotFitAll. What works for a leader might not work for or resonate with the rest of the team. We instead focus on what success could look like if leaders stepped outside of the traditional framework – what one might see as a conservative, corporate, or white-collar approach (terminology that I don’t love tbh but we can relate to it). Are we open ultimately to a different possibility for our teams? What if we stepped outside our comfort zones? One of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits focuses on beginning with the end in mind, a strategy that we often employ as leadership coaches.

This is something we dive into in this newest edition. When leaders focus on the needs, wants and desires of their people when it comes to their leadership development, it accelerates outcomes. When we prioritize the needs of our people versus prioritizing our needs for performance, it actually accelerates performance. This mindset combined with the continuous exploration and development of our #Selfies as leaders, will create epic teams and spread badass leadership throughout our organizations. Imagine the impact up, down, and across the organization when there’s badass leadership in place?

I invite you to examine your leadership selfie. I invite you to revisit your work model and metrics for success. I invite you to tune into the needs of your people and put them first. Let this book be your roadmap to a leadership transformation.

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