For all teams, for all leaders #UnconventionalityRocks

For all teams, for all leaders #UnconventionalityRocks

Do you struggle with getting your team to buy-in to your organization’s goals?
Leading a team brings a lot of challenges and can be overwhelming. Our philosophy is to mold unconventional leaders who can build badass, musketeer teams. By combining people work with leadership training – and adding in some play too – we believe we have the secret sauce that your team is missing.

Many people assume that leadership training has one approach. Probably because we used to think that leadership was just for white-collar, big boardroom, VC-type environments. The reality is, leadership is for everyone! #MainStreetNotWallStreet Leaders are people who rally, shape and mold their people into high-performance, committed, cohesive teams. And leaders are leaders both in and out of the office, on and off the field. So perhaps even more importantly, leadership training is critical to creating healthy and high-functioning communities and societies.

Find out more about what badass leadership is by grabbing your copy of the latest edition of the book, Badass Leader: 12 Leadership Lessons, which serves as a great starting roadmap to building badass leadership skills. Or get started on your journey by reaching out to schedule a chat with us. Your team has unique needs, and we know that one size does not fit all. We’re ready to help you take your leadership and your people to the next level and maximize your organizational outcomes.

Badass Leader: The Book

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