Being an Entrepreneur is like being a racer…

#FullThrottleThursday🔥🔥 Being an Entrepreneur is in some ways like being a road racer…

On the track, it’s a dance of mind, body, machine & spirit! As a female, many people find it odd that I love road racing, so I thought I would share what it is about this sport that I love. I recognize many similarities in the thrill of racing and in running a business.

As a road warrior, you have to be willing to embrace risk; for many riders it’s the thrill, the RISK and yes, the competition that fuels their passion! Many successful entrepreneurs have shared the same depiction when recounting their passion of pursuing the dream of running their own business…yes, the foundation is purpose driven, but the risk/fear fuels their relentless pursuit, which keeps them embroiled in a battle for the podium. Racing is a great metaphor for business. You have to have the Mindset, Mechanics and Motivation, plus, be able to Outwit, Outride and Outlast the competition.

Much like racing, in business, you must be able to create your own line on the track if you want to overtake the competition and break away from the rest of the field. It requires you to know the lay of the land – “the track” – your market, competition, equipment/product or service, and yourself. You need an expanded awareness of the field, the “vision”, and you must know how to leverage your strengths and anticipate what’s around the next curve. This enables you to set the pace to be #1. Complacency is what allows your competitors to close the gap and ultimately leave you in the dust. Racing requires you to be nimble and demands a mental and physical fitness and focus to give you that much needed edge to take the final step onto the podium. The same is true in business; you must always invest in yourself, possess a well written strategy for success, and practice. You must also be agile and able to shift your position or direction quickly and smoothly.

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Photo Credit: RippinRob, Chuckwalla