Could Google Save Our Planet?

Could Google Save Our Planet?

Things that make me go hummmmmm…

  • Published on March 11, 2020 on Linkedin

Michelle D. Reines: Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach & Team Consultant – We Build Badass Leaders!

There are so many incredible lessons we will learn from what we are now all going through. Like it or not, this COVID19 global health crisis forces us all to be agile, think outside the box, to flex and be innovative – to get out of our own way and surrender to a different possibility. I️ remain confident that we will discover a cure and vaccine for this deadly virus and hope it will be soon. I’m intrigued however, to see how we evolve in the way we run our lives and businesses going forward. I️ have my eye on Google for sure, I️ wonder what their metrics will reveal? As you know, 100% of their North American workforce is now working from home. I️ imagine qualitatively and quantitatively performance will improve. I️ also envision engagement going up and efficiencies and customer experiences being enhanced as well. When employees feel safe and trusted, they become even more conscientious and committed. I️ get it, it’s scary to let go of the reins or loosen the line a bit or a lot. I look forward to hearing and seeing their metrics for success. I bet it will change the road ahead for many of us. And in my wildest dreams, I️ think it could even help slow global warming, heal our environment and save our planet. Let’s imagine that possibility, yes change for some can be uncomfortable, but oh the possibilities give me butterflies.  

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