Powersports Business Online Webinar: Leadership and Performance Potential

What a privilege it was to headline this latest webinar in the Powersports Business 2021 online learning series! #AttitudeofGratitude I am passionate about bringing this brand to the door of powersports businesses so that they can alleviate pain points, particularly with the people parts, in order to optimize their team potential, achieve cohesion, and gain competitive advantage. We talk profit…

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Proudly Supporting Powersports Business Accelerate Conference 2021

We are thrilled to be supporting this industry event! #PowersportsBusiness #PowersportsIndustry The Powersports Business Accelerate Conference brings together dealers and industry leaders to focus on key issues, business growth and future planning with workshops, seminars, case studies and keynotes. A unique experience filled with networking discussions, receptions and thought leadership! Ready to #Accelerate your business strategy, accelerate growth, accelerate profitability? Powersports…

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Badass Leader on Clubhouse: Lessons Learned!

SAVE THE DATE: Join the Conversation this Wednesday, at 5pm PT on Clubhouse! Where Michael Tanner, Jim Adams, Emi Kirschner, Susan Montanaro and I️ will kicking-off a sugar-free conversation about the IMPACT an unconscious leader has on people & performance! We will answer questions, discuss lessons learned and invite people to share their stories about having an ass for a boss or being one! #Lesson1…

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