Badass Leader Tip – Anticipation #LivetoLead

Badass Leader Tip – Anticipation #LivetoLead

Hello Badass Leaders,

“Anticipation, anticipation, is making me late, is keeping me waiting.” – Carly Simon

Happy Friday – I hope this message finds you healthy and safe.

I wanted to share my reply to a DM I️ received asking for my take on remote work. As Badass Leaders, we need to be patient, supportive and help our teams find their stride in their remote work environments. Change takes time, things will improve and you get to reinvent yourselves as leaders and focus on your EPIC coaching skills. What does support look like for them from you in the days, weeks and/or months ahead?

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I️ hope you are all doing your best to remain optimistic and committed to a favorable outcome.

#BeWell #BeSafe #TakeCareofYourselvesandOneAnother

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