#BadassLeaderTip EmbraceVulnerability

#BadassLeaderTip EmbraceVulnerability

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Vulnerability & Imposter Syndrome

Don’t l look like I know what I am doing now? LOL not. Let’s be honest, I’m a work in progress with the selfie video stuff🤪. I am however, having fun experimenting being outside of my comfort zone while sharing a few #BadassLeaderTips with you. If you find them valuable, please let me know, that will help me determine whether or not I should continue to do them. Trust me at the ripe old age of 55, I don’t need to be on video LOL. I do these for you hoping that by sharing my lessons learned and vulnerabilities it will help you evolve in your leadership journey.

P.S. I️ love my new t-shirt, I️ received as a Badass gift♥️ – It’s not part of my swag collection, but I think it should be, especially since it matches my brand colors and everything 😍.

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