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My heartfelt thank you to Wing Lam for writing the epic forward for my book “From Bad to Badass Leader”. Wing is a co-Founder of Wahoo’s Fish Taco, which he co-owns with his brothers Ed and Mingo. They just celebrated Wahoo’s 30th anniversary, and now serve more than 60 locations across the U.S. plus their first international location in Japan. #Amazing! I have so much respect and love for their unpretentious brand and their commitment to food, family and togetherness — truly hallmarks for a healthy life, family and organization. I love their message, “Our food is true to this experience, worldly and uncommonly delicious. We’ll always offer you the best of where we’ve been to fuel your adventures. At Wahoo’s, we encourage you to nourish yourself with food and experiences that make you feel more alive. So, ride those waves, care for your community, love what you eat every day, and be authentically you. Our family is here to feed yours.” Now you understand why I asked Wing to consider writing my forward. I value what they value both personally and professionally. I am incredibly appreciative to Wing for taking time out of his crazy busy life and schedule to do just that. More importantly, I am looking forward to our growing friendship in making a positive difference for leaders. I love their Trademark saying, “Drop in. Have Fun. Eat Well.™” — it honestly is how my hubby and I choose to live our lives every day! #Wahoos #Dropin #HaveFun #EatWell #FoodFriendsandFamily #OurKindaPeople #SameSame #GotWing(s) #WeDo #LuckyPirates

About Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Founded by Chinese-Brazilian brothers Wing Lam, Ed Lee and Mingo Lee, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, a community mainstay and worldwide pop culture phenomenon, has been serving up its eclectic Mexican-Brazilian-Asian menu since 1988.

Celebrated for its fresh food, pro-athlete and celebrity support and charity involvement, Wahoo’s is recognized across the country for its sticker-covered walls. Wahoo’s has 60 locations across the U.S. and Japan.

Wahoo’s mission is to nourish their communities with food and experiences while participating in charitable initiatives focused on ending hunger, caring for the environment and educational opportunities for children.

To learn more, visit and find us on and on Twitter and Instagram @WahoosFishTaco.

WHY WE RIDE – the movie!

Thank you to Bryan H. Carroll and the makers and cast of the Badass movie Why We Ride!  As a family, this movie really touched us, we felt like it was our story too!  Riding, camping and family go together and are passions for us. Check it out!
Why We Ride, Amazon Prime Video, DVD, directed by Bryan H. Carroll, USA, 2013.
#MakingMemories #DirtPlay #LivetoRide #WeAreGroupies4 #WhyWeRide

BRYAN H. CARROLL / Producer & Director

With blockbuster movies such as TitanicCollateralDie Hard, Predator, Collateral, Miami Vice, Ali, Skid Row, The Phantom and Public Enemies in his background, Bryan has built a successful career in filmmaking while working with the likes of James Cameron, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Joel Silver. His experience at bringing projects from the script to the screen, have made him one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded filmmakers in Hollywood. I am thrilled to introduce you to or reintroduce you to one of my favorite films Why We Ride a documentary film on the life and passion of motorcyclists. This film has received recognition from critics, viewers and has won several awards. An EPIC accomplishment especially considering this was Bryan’s writing debut! #RockStar

Testimonial for the BOOK: From Bad to Badass Leader

“Truly unlike any other leadership book I’ve read in the past. Michelle’s story is inspiring and motivational; I really appreciated how she had the guts to share all of her mistakes and hard knocks before turning them into important life lessons. The book is just as entertaining as it is educational, and will appeal not only to established industry leaders, but to the next up-and-coming generation. As a passionate filmmaker and motorcyclist, stories of grit and determination always appeal to me. A great ride, and a great read.”
#EnjoytheRead #LivetoLead #WhyWeRide#MOTOvational

— Bryan H. Carroll Director, WHY WE RIDE