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In this BAD to BADASS autobiography, I️ created a roadmap for your leadership success, based upon my tumultuous professional journey and ultimate awakening. I am not a doctor or psychologist, I'm a leader of businesses and teams, much like many of you. Throughout these 12 Leadership Lessons, I share tips, behaviors, and specific strategies to support you in enabling your teams to unearth their inner badass!

These lessons were born through struggle, grit and with guidance, timely and tough feedback from various badass mentors, life experiences, kick-ass results, and absolutely embracing the suck when things got tough along the way – all in pursuit of fulfilling a desire to become a Badass Leader.

In these 12 Leadership Lessons, I've made it easy for you to accelerate your desired outcomes - putting you in the Badass Leader fast-lane!

About the Author

12 Leadership Lessons
Michelle D. Reines is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, Badass CEO, a tom-girl and yes, an ever-evolving #BadassLeader. Her book, From BAD to BADASS Leader, is about her journey and lessons learned while progressing from being an ass as a boss to becoming a Badass Leader.

Michelle is a Strategic Interventionist, certified by the man of transformation himself, Tony Robbins, and his partner Cloe Madanes. Prior to launching MDR in 2012, she enjoyed a 30+ year corporate career working with, turning-around, coaching, stretching, and developing a variety of high-performance, badass cohesive teams. Today, not only is she an author and creator of the Badass Leader brand, but she is also the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., a thriving leadership development company. Michelle is manically committed to continuous improvement, and to, quite frankly, be badass…as a leader, a woman, and an entrepreneur!

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The Badass Leader Logo Represents:

Wings – Wings represent growth, risk & possibility to support you in striving to live outside of your comfort zone, and because they’re badass!

Helmet – The helmet is a reminder to use your smarts. Protect yourself from a bull ride, and safely navigate yourself and your teams through the struggle!

12 – My 12 Leadership Lessons from my journey/ride of course!

Motorcycle Theme – The simple answer is I met my hubby at a biker bar; Cook’s Corner in Southern California. We love adventure! Motorcycles are a huge part of our life as a family – work hard, play harder is our motto! Ask me anytime about an even more sentimental answer about this theme. Here's a little hint, it has to do with Lesson 12.

This brand is for designed for those who want to accelerate their impact as a leaders.

12 Leadership Lessons

Lesson #1 - Don't Be an Ass!

Less Ass. More Badass!

Lesson #2 - Stop. Drop. Take a Selfie!

Your Mirror.

Lesson #3 - Let's Talk About TRUST, Baby!

No Trust. No Badass Team!

Lesson #4 - Put Your People 1st!

People. People. People. Period.

Lesson #5 - Be an Epic Coach!

Coach. Support. Leverage!

Lesson #6 - Build a Badass Team!

Badass Teams wage EPIC battles!

Lesson #7 - Create the Struggle!

Be like Gumby – Stretch em’!

Lesson #8 - Suck It Up, Buttercup!

The suck will eventually happen!

Lesson #9 - Don't Be a Kiss Ass!


Lesson #10 - Be a Groupie!

For your People! Period.

Lesson #11 - Expand Your Tribe!

Build a Badass Legacy!

Lesson #12 - Love Somebody Like U!

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it!

Message to the Reader

What this book is not, it is not a leadership academic resource, filled with principles, methodologies, laws or processes – it’s a conversation. It’s like we sat down and shared stories over an ice cold beer or chilled tequila on a hot sunny day.

It is an unconventional leadership book, an autobiography of lessons learned.  By reading this book, you’ll be taken on a ride with me through my personal leadership story, I️ call my journey or ride.  While you’re reading the tales of my woes and cat-howl moments, I️ encourage you to think about your own ride, your stories and how my experiences might offer you some insight into what’s happening on your journey.

Our specific trades or crafts might be different, don’t be too quick to skip over the details of the ride.  The lessons are in the stories. Stories make lessons stickier, like lock-tight to a nut & bolt. Challenge yourself to find the similarities that might be happening in your life. Fix what’s not working or no longer fits and cat-howl, growl and pound your chest for the stuff you’ve got dialed-in! Then get out there and pay it forward. Help develop other badass leaders by sharing your lessons learned. Yes, the good, bad and ugly!

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Spread the word, share the book, wear the t-shirt, help us support other badass leaders.


Thank you so much for reading my story, I look forward to hearing yours and hope I have somehow helped you. This is my first book, so I’m a rookie at this book stuff, but not a rookie when it comes to building Badass Leaders and Teams! I️ really hope you enjoy the read and the brand – if so, we’d be stoked if you’d share it! #UnconventionalityRocks

Ciao for now,

From Bad to Badass Leader Author



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