My BAD Boss Behaviors

Are you guilty of some of the same behaviors?

Is it possible to have a high-functioning, successful team, even without great leaders in place? These types of teams will only make it so far, but certainly not as far.

My own BAD Boss story is evidence of this fact, where my team might have been getting it done on paper, but because of my BAD boss behaviors, there were cracks below the surface. This ultimately resulted in massive damage to the team structure. #CollateralPeopleDamage #LessonsLearned

My Challenge Invitation to You: Share your stories, bumps and bruises as leaders with your team and even your peers. It will challenge and invite them to check into their own leadership mirror. It’s important to know how you are showing up for each other and your teams.

Lesson 3 Tip: We MUST create safe and trusting environments in order for our teams to truly thrive. #TrustisGlue #CreateYourSuccessStory #SharingYourLessons

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