About Badass Leader



What’s our WHY?

The Badass Leader brand was born out of a desire to create a cool, approachable, edgy, humorous, more relatable leadership resource for everyday front-line leaders, middle managers, executive entrepreneurs and the up-and-coming generation of leaders. We like to think of ourselves as the Harley–Davidson® of Leadership Development, “potato, potato, potato” – btw that’s the sound that has branded H-D since 1909, #BadassBrandIndeed!

During Michelle's extensive travels and experience working with executives and teams, she has often heard from front-line leaders, “I’ve been told I️ need to improve my people skills.” The challenge for them has been finding a resource that inspires and feels like a fit for them; that is until now – potato, potato, potato! We want our brand to ignite your passion for learning how to lead like a Badass.

Leadership is fun, we're committed to helping develop successful people competencies and to leaving leaders feeling confident and filled with a sense of personal and professional pride. #ThisBrands4U #NotYourMothersLeadershipBrand #BadassLeader #LivetoLead #WeNeverCeasetoAmuseOurselves #LeadershipisPeopleWork

What’s our HOW?

We offer a variety of resources to support you and your team’s #BadassLeadershipDevelopment!
Here are a few:
  • The Book The First book in the From Bad to Badass Book Series – From Bad to Badass Leader an autobiography of 12 leadership lessons learned by our founder Michelle D. Reines.
  • Keynote Engagements – Michelle loves sharing her bumps, bruises and lessons learned with teams and audiences of all sizes. She brings great energy and vulnerability to her stories. Imagine planning your Badass Leader Conference for your teams or industry. Who wouldn’t want to attend a Badass Leader Conference? This is a great way to introduce the Badass Leader brand into your organization. Badass Leader Swag bags are a great gift idea too, include the book and some Badass Leader swag for your attendees! #MakingLeadershipCoolandFun #PotatoPotatoPotato
  • Badass Leader Toolbox – Check out our website Toolboxes we have lots of tools to support you and your teams on your leadership ride! Got Questions – give us a #RingRing.
  • Badass Leader Coaching – Hire a Badass Coach for some one-on-one work to accelerate your outcomes. #RacingFuelAdditive4U
  • Platnium 12 Program – Like MotoGP or Nascar, but for People.

Want to Learn More About Us?

Check-out our Book page, we didn’t want to bore you by repeating ourselves.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create more podium finishes for you and your teams! #Ciao4Now #LivetoLead #BadassLeaderGroupiesWanted

P.S. Don't let our chill brand fool yah, we know our people and leadership stuff. We are just doing leadership development differently! #Approachable #Comfortable #Fun #Informative #ChangingtheGame #UnconventionalityRocks


Question: Is this brand just for front-line or up-and-coming leaders?

Answer: Nope. The Badass Leader brand is for any leader at any level of the organization. The up-and-coming and front-line leaders were our inspiration behind the brand, we really wanted to create a brand especially for them. The coolest of CEOs embrace this brand and have fun with it! It’s a one-size-fits all for those leaders who are open-minded and comfortable approaching leadership development differently. #UnconventionalityRocks

#BehindtheScenesFun #MagicHairandMakeupFairy #WingsIncluded

Michelle D. Reines
Behind the Scenes Fun!! #WingsIncluded

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