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Lesson 11: Expand Your Tribe

For me, in certain work environments, my results-oriented, competitive personality too easily gravitated toward win-lose, versus, a “better together” approach. I had bosses (and I was one myself too) who were always thinking small and fostering an environment of competing, versus contributing. If you want to build a badass legacy, you have to show your people how it’s done —…

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Getting Everyone Excited about Leadership: A Book Review

“#SimplyBRILLIANT! Don’t let the cover fool you this is a serious leadership book!” #AttitudeofGratitude I love hearing these stories of leaders and teams connecting with this book and brand – it has been my intention to let overlooked leaders in often overlooked industries know that they can benefit from the lessons. People are people and business is business after all!…

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Proudly Supporting Powersports Business Accelerate Conference 2021

We are thrilled to be supporting this industry event! #PowersportsBusiness #PowersportsIndustry The Powersports Business Accelerate Conference brings together dealers and industry leaders to focus on key issues, business growth and future planning with workshops, seminars, case studies and keynotes. A unique experience filled with networking discussions, receptions and thought leadership! Ready to #Accelerate your business strategy, accelerate growth, accelerate profitability? Powersports…

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