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Gaining Competitive Advantage and Driving Profit Centers with Leadership

Powersports Leaders, what is the connection between your leadership strategy and your business outcomes. Or simply put, how does developing leadership within your organization translate to better scalability and higher profits? If you missed my latest webinar with Powersports Business Online Learning Series, here are some nuggets of info that affect you as a #PowersportsDealer or #PowersportsBrand. Your team is…

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Powersports Business Online Webinar: Leadership and Performance Potential

What a privilege it was to headline this latest webinar in the Powersports Business 2021 online learning series! #AttitudeofGratitude I am passionate about bringing this brand to the door of powersports businesses so that they can alleviate pain points, particularly with the people parts, in order to optimize their team potential, achieve cohesion, and gain competitive advantage. We talk profit…

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Lesson 11: Expand Your Tribe

For me, in certain work environments, my results-oriented, competitive personality too easily gravitated toward win-lose, versus, a “better together” approach. I had bosses (and I was one myself too) who were always thinking small and fostering an environment of competing, versus contributing. If you want to build a badass legacy, you have to show your people how it’s done —…

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