We build leaders who become
architects of building Unstoppable teams.

Accelerate outcomes for
people and performance

Level up your
leadership game

Maximize your teams
leadership success

Do You Struggle With:

• The people-parts of leadership?
• Getting your team to buy-in?
• Lack of accountability on your team?

We build leaders who become
architects of building unstoppable teams.


We serve leaders and teams in maximizing overall
performance success by combining our passion
for people, work and play.


We are passionate about developing unconventional
leaders and equipping them with the competencies
to build high-performance, badass musketeer teams.


We love working hard and are committed to helping you
identify and conquer any challenges impeding your
ability to manage, grow and scale your business.


We believe when you combine people, work and play it is
an accelerator to outcomes and a catalyst to cultivating
happy, healthy, and imaginative workplace cultures!

We serve the everyday heroes who lead, who heal,
who feed, and who build our world.

“Michelle D. Reines”

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Michelle is a coveted international speaker, author, entrepreneur, popular podcast guest, facilitator; executive leadership coach, and founder of two juxtaposed leadership development brands - most of all she's an ever-evolving leader.

The people-parts can be the most challenging for many leaders. It certainly was for her. Her wake-up call came in the form of a cataclysmic leadership failure. Where she very quickly learned to appreciate the profound impact an unconscious leader has on people, teams, and organizational health and performance. The significance and value of a team became abundantly clear, as did the critical importance and necessity for her to immediately begin evolving as a leader. This painfully humbling experience set the course correction for what would become a lifelong hunger for leadership growth and contribution—a self-prescribed reparation in many ways, shared through her 12 Leadership Lessons. Michelle looks forward to sharing her thrills of victory and agonies of defeat, with a goal of supporting you in unlocking the art of leading like a Badass!

Michelle Reines is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., and creator of the unconventional "Badass Leader®" brand. She’s innovative, results-oriented and has a coveted reputation of helping teams exceed expectations in highly competitive, distressed, or volatile business climates. Her history of strengths encompasses extensive people aptitudes from leading and developing large, dynamic, and varied teams across multiple marketplaces. She possesses over 34 years of business acumen running assets in excess of .7 billion; high-volume and velocity sales management expertise, customer experience prowess, facilities management oversight and operational expertise.

Michelle is both excited and grateful to be at a point in her career where she can focus her 9th start-up "Badass Leader®" on supporting the industries that fulfill her purpose while feeding her soul.

We get it – we understand leadership isn’t easy.

It’s hard enough to be in management, but leading a team brings a lot of challenges and can be overwhelming.  Building strong
teams is both an art and a science.  We have been successful in combining both for a wide variety of client partners.

Here's How We Do It.

1.  Give Us A Call

We’ll discuss your needs to ensure our understanding of your specific challenges, goals, and objectives.

2.  Select a Program

We will customize a proven toolbox or bootcamp that will work best for your desired outcomes, timeline, and investment.

3.  Grow your Business

With an engaged, aligned, and interconnected musketeer team you are able to comfortably focus on moving your business and team forward.

It's Time to Lead

At Badass Leader®, we know you’re the kind of leader who wants to be successful with the people-parts of leadership, building a team who is passionately committed, accountable and crushing it. In order to make that happen, you need to ensure your leadership has a proven approach. The challenge is most leaders are hyper focused on output and less focus in investing time or resources on critical input. We understand every leader should have the unique skills required to lead teams and grow the business effectively. We also understand leadership can be challenging and that’s why we designed a prioritized roadmap to support you in becoming an architect of building badass teams. We get it, leadership in these socially chaotic times can be overwhelming, frustrating, and ever consuming both inside and out outside of working hours. As an epic coach and badass certified leader, you and your team will be primed to maximize outcomes — together.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Schedule a call and let's talk about the challenges.

Step 2: Let’s determine which Badass Leader toolbox will help you attain the specific results you desire.

Step 3: You’ll be well on your way to building a badass team who is connected, aligned, and focused on achieving collective outcomes. So, schedule a call and stop worrying – focus on becoming an architect of building your badass team today!

“At Badass Leader we build leaders who become architects of building badass teams.”
Michelle Reines, Founder


Speaking Engagements
• Select from 12 different 30 to
90-minute Badass Leader Talks
designed around the leadership

• Talks are customized to your specific

• Receive a copy of Michelle’s
best-selling book

• Author meet-and-greet and
book signing

Boot Camps
• 12 various boot camps with interactive
lessons to choose from and customize

• Receive a copy of Michelle’s
best-selling book

• Can be paired with an experiential

• Author meet-and-greet and
book signing

Adventure Retreats
• Any book camp can be paired with an
adventure retreat

• Horsepower, horseback, or
wolf-pack retreats available

• Ranch escapes and watersport
adventures to choose from

• Option of off-roading on two or

The Guaranteed Method to avoid
being a bad leader

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