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Doesn’t everyone want to be a Badass Leader?
We are stoked to introduce you to this unconventional leadership development brand designed for the everyday leader. Have you ever been told you need to improve your people skills? Have you tried in the past only to discover that most leadership books and content feel like they're designed for the corporate folks and not for you? If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place #ThisBrands4U, #NotYourMothersLeadershipBrand. At Badass Leader, we focus on supporting everyday leaders from up-and-coming, front-line and middle management to entrepreneurial executives who want to level-up their Badass Leader game. It doesn’t matter what industry you're in; people are people and business is business. Sometimes, the people-parts of leadership can be the most challenging. We’re committed to making leadership fun and easy, with greater outcomes for you, your team and your businesses!
Have you ever had a teacher or coach who made a huge impact on your life?
Imagine having a Badass Coach dedicated to your professional development. It’s not just for white-collar corporate folks, even athletes have coaches - why not you? Are you interested in a promotion, want to expand your business or your team, need to hire and develop your replacement so you can expand your role?

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Being a BADASS Leader isn’t a Destination — it’s an EVOLUTION!

If you’re a leader who’s lookin’ to take your leadership game up a notch, this book’s for you! This is not your mother’s leadership book. It’s a book of shared lessons and boot-in-mouth moments. I wrote this for you. I’m a kinesthetic learner, which means, I learn best through connecting with stories. You will see, hear and feel my stories and hopefully learn, grow, laugh and be moved too. Connect these stories to yours. Let’s continue this ride together. I hope this provokes you in some way to awaken the Badass Leader within.

My writing style in the book is the same as it is here. So, you know what to expect. Badass Leader – Live to Lead – Michelle Reines
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It’s time to get woke.

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Badass Leader

Is not a title – it's a way of being. Being a Badass Leader is about fearlessness and challenging yourself and others to go after what’s possible. Being badass, however, is not about being reckless; it’s about stretching yourself. As Tony Robbins, author, life coach, and philanthropist might encourage you as a leader of people – walk over the fire! A Badass Leader is someone who strives to thrive outside their comfort zone. They are responsibly fearless and vulnerable. They focus on people over performance and rock their talk – someone who embodies many of the behaviors embedded in the 12 Leadership Lessons that follow.

Badass Leader - Live to Lead - Michelle Reines


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Michelle is a brilliant and dynamic leader who has an innate ability to connect with people in a way that separates her from everyone else. Her dedication to building cohesive and high functioning teams is unparalleled. Michelle is able to quickly distill the facts in any situation and devise a course of action leading to optimal results. I would choose to hire her any day. She quite simply makes everyone she works with, better.

Nicole Conniff

Former Member of the Tribe

She will always be my biggest fan. Michelle has been honest, open, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She has been a compassionate leader, even giving tough love when needed, but in all the right amounts. I am truly grateful for the opportunities she opened up for me. She believed in my ability, she believed in my drive, and passion for success.

Danielle Mitchell

Former Shipmate

Michelle inspires other to stretch themselves by maximizing their abilities to create exceptional team results!! This stems from her character being rooted in her compassion towards people and her willingness to consistently look for opportunities to improve performance both on a personal and professional level.

Jim Lewis

Former Member of the Tribe!


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We would be thrilled to have you along for the ride and hope you will use this space to share your stories and support other Badass Leaders! We are all about Expanding our Tribe, we don't have all the answers, but together we know we will find them! We invite you to use this space to connect with other leaders and share your lessons! #ExpandYourTribe #BadassLeader